Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hong Kong Street, Singapore, in the 80's

This is a series of snap shots on the paintings. The way the stroke and the colours interact is very intriguing. I thought perhaps The process is first selecting photographs from a series of old shots I had taken many years ago and reconstruct them in watercolours. Then scan or digitally photograph them, bring them into Photoshop and digitally manipulate them. The final output can be done on photographic print or on canvas. Here is the series of snap shots I had taken from the watercolour I had done. This process investigate the translation and interpretation of old photo, converting them into another form, fragmenting them, reframing them, adding digital manipulation to pixelate them, creating myriad of colours, allowing the audience to see the colours and enjoy its form and texture. The fragments are to be printed in large pieces. The audience step back to see the fragment. Perhaps they can them piece together the fragments in their mind. In the process, perhaps helps them to recollect past memories and re-live those memories, although they are tainted by the length of time and personal selective memory.

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