Sunday, February 12, 2012

Portraits of Nature – A series on Posters.

It is fun to design different posters with consideration of the colour and composition of the photos. Here is a series I had created with the 'Portraits of Arthropods'

Hope you all like it. You can print out and put it up anywhere. It would be great if you put it up in your schools, organization or public places or even your home. THANKS everyone.

You can download the big files here for printing purposes, thanks!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Portraits of Nature - Preview Night

The Preview Night was graced by our Guest of Honor, the honorable Justice Tan and Mrs Tan. We are grateful for their presence and generosity. We also thanked our sponsors and supporters who turned up for the opening. It was a great night, amidst the art work with  music, food and wine. We had a wonderful opening and the exhibition open from 4th to 26th Feb.

For opening hours please refer to :

For those who wish to purchase the work, please get in touch with us : choomengfoo[a]

The Catalogue lists here: