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I started writing in 2005, a novel, spend about a year, ended up with a few short articles, which seems to be very disjointed, but it was a good start. I have not stopped publishing my work into books since. That same year I started photographing small critters. I saw an amazing world. Most of them are listed in Flickr under the pseudo-name InSectHunter. I learned about life, human conditions and the choices that we can make. We all have choices. Mine is to be a Renaissance man, kind of vague, but the main idea is to develop my potential and see where it could bring me, and learn in this journey which would eventually end in nothingness. It is a great journey. I learn to write, paint, drawing, design, photograph, teach and self-learn, formulating my own universe and realizing possibilities. Here are the books that would record and document those journeys. I will keep adding books here and would like you to support me in this journey and share the joy in the books. 

When I first thought of writing a book on photography that has all my thoughts in it. I asked myself what is the most important things about photography. I was very inspired by Susan Sontag's book "On Photography". From it, I figured that it is the various lessons that I had learnt which I had turned them into my habits, routines, and consciousness. It should be a record of those immutable laws and lessons. Words perhaps is a better medium for communicating these formless thoughts. I set my sight on writing a book that can last many years and it remains relevant for a much longer period. I took a bold step to write a book on photography without photographs. The book encapsulates my thoughts on practising photography for thirty-five years. It also serves as a reminder for me whenever I conceive my photographic projects. For me, its use would be endless, as I could also return to it, again and again. In fact, it helps to spin off a few of my projects. An example is 1000 portraits of strangers in 10 hours. This is the first book that I had published and it took a year for editing. The process was rather long and at times I loosed steam along the way. However, the feeling was great when I had the book in my hand and did a few book launch and signing sessions. I received more supports for my work and held a few exhibitions since the book was launch. A book is also a retrospection of the creative work I had been doing; it is also stock taking. 

After many months of photographing and reading about YOGA

Finally got the fountain pen original sketches published online.
So glad. Here is a place to get a copy and support my work.

My First sketch Book, on Penang published in 2012, it had been a fun journey sketching in Penang.
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Penang – Sketching the street

A book about photography. Exploring beyond the limits of the camera, touching on increasing the photographers' sensibilities, courage and humility. A book for those who wants to go beyond the technical and technique. Learn to capture those wonderful moments.

Photography is an art form.

The camera is the brush.

Light is the medium.

And you are the creativity.

Through 30 years of exploring photography, I realised that photography is not only about the camera, it is also about the photographer and the subject. My exploration oscillates between the camera and exteriority of the camera.

I learned all about the camera in the initial few years, my work was well received but I felt that I had hit a snag; I stagnated. I asked myself where do I go from here? Where is the limit of photography? Does my work need rejuvenation from outside of itself? Yes, after much searching and experimenting, I found various ways to raise my acuity, bringing my work to another realm. Here I would share some of these with you. Outside the camera, the horizon have expanded far and wide. I felt exhilarated and revitalised.

Take my inhibition, an instance of exteriority of the camera, by removing inhibition, portraiture takes on another pictorial landscape. Yes, by learning from psychology and neuro-linguistic programming, borrowing from their studies and practices, I learned to remove inhibition and my photographs take on new meaning.

This book will take you to greater height as a photographer. Follows the steps with discipline and more practices, you will definitely improve.

Some tips are easily grasped. Some have to be experienced before you understand them. Some needs faith to see the results. Some may seem a little odd. However, if you follow them, you would later discover their relevance. Then again, what works for others may not work for you, because we are all different. Try different ways of using these tips. There are no sequence in using this book, each tip is self serving, or it can be combined in various ways to suit your needs. Perhaps doing the opposite may serve you well too.

E-books, audio books and video books will be published in due time. So look me up on Facebook and join the 100tips Photography group. For those interested to get in touch with me, please email me at choomengfoo[a]

We Love Singapore

They came.

They had nothing.

They had a dream

They made it happened.

We have everything.

We want more.

We have got no dream.

We demand respect

And we want more.

Where are we going?

'Why you care?'

And we want more.

When we were young

Those were the days my friend

When we mug and play forever and a day

We live the life we choose

We fight and never loose

For we were young and sure to have our ways

A historical record of Singapore Election with the people supporting the PAP party documenting the people's love and passion for the party.

A tribute to PAP and PM Lee Hsien Loong. This book was presented to the PM.

You can get a copy here, .