Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sky #1

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问天,好像我有许多不解之迷是的,或许是吧!天虽大,可也有尽头,星星虽小,可它遥远得大不可测。 我们的眼睛虽明亮也有看不见的时候。

I found out, through Mike, that Alfred Stieglitz shots a series of clouds, Equivalent. Read through his biography and his clouds, inspired. There were so much technical issues during those film days. It seems that digital could achieve better results.


I had a discussion with Pauline about sky. She said the sky inspired her when she was young and she could imagine many things while observing the sky. Here is my attempt to capture the sky. I realise that the clouds are abstract and they move.

I watch the sky when I was young too, however, I was searching for that saturated blue that would make my subject stand out. The colour was what I was after. The sky itself was never my subject. After learning from Pauline, I decided to make the sky the subject of this series.

I watch the sky when I am searching for some un-answered question. I meditate on them. I could call the series '问天‘ too。