Sunday, December 8, 2013

Exhibition at Nilo Gallery, Shanghai

Portraits of Nature V – 探索热带雨林与人文思想
A continuation in the exploration of nature in watercolor as a vehicle to express the eternal nature of things, referencing the value of Dao. In the opening chapter of Dao De Jing, it was said that the Dao that can be named is not the eternal Dao, the Name that can be Name is not the eternal name, as such it is really a challenge to capture the eternal nature of things – it is illusive. The series attempts to capture this illusive nature of things, writing its myriad forms and intangibilities.
The process is one of observation of nature and a series of thought process follows by a quick succession of brush strokes to capture the immediacy of the feeling that is dwelling inside my being and the being of nature. It is through this unity and oneness that the brushes, the strokes, the water, the colours and paper, they come into being, germinating into a piece of work. The works are a reflection of the being of nature and my state of being at a particular moment, which is unique in its occurrence. The works convey the eternal theme of the nature of things expressed through the imageries of plants and trees from the garden and forest of Singapore. They are figments of time and space, with the geo-location of Singapore, the Garden City. It is also an expression of my love for life as art and my country.

这是延续探索自然的第五系列以热带雨林为载体表达道与自然的永恒规律。虽然道德经的第一章里面提到: [道可道,非常道。名可名,非常名。有名为万物之始,无名为万物之母。],道难以琢磨,难以言语,难以表达,尝试理解后以水彩画来捕捉道法自然其过程已足以丰富自己。