Friday, June 10, 2016

Learning about art

Interesting story of how the Art is a storage of money and how it can use for evading taxes and money laundering. The Panama Papers are quite revealing.
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I had always wonder how one can appreciates "White on White" and a patch of colors in an imperfect square with rough edges as a lay person without the intellectual obscurity. Then one theory surface, CIA was behind it as the story claims. Now I see some sense in it. So during the Depression, CIA supported the Modern artists, it claims, but we do know that Guggenheim gave monthly stipend to some artists to support them, Pollock was one of them. Although the idea of American challenging the Russia in cultural war was still plausible, as each have tried to pit each other to some form of superiority. I guess American had won over the French and the English after the world war as a lot of artists had escaped the war and took up residence in America, putting America onto the world map of Culture and Art.
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