Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Project 49 - 49 days of painting Marina Bay Sands

Project 49. Everyday, I painted the Marina Bay Sands, pondered about the significant of it all for 49 days. It was a form of meditation. 49 days has a great significant in Chinese numerology, pugilistic master goes into a sealed cave or room to meditate for 7x7 days and supposedly emerge with greater wisdom. '49 days' is a form of therapy of the mind. The process was really enriching as I had to juggle with work, traveling and the growing size of the canvas I had painted. It is all worth, as discipline and perseverance is key to completion of the project. I had selected some to be printed on fabric and used in these 'Throw Pillow' . Enjoy and thank you to all. Have a great Christmas!!!

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