Thursday, November 14, 2013

TIong Bahru – a clear blue day

The sky has always been an important factor when I am shooting architecture or documenting the streetscape of a place. Nothing looks more attractive than having the building stack against the purest blue backdrop. For the whole of April it has been a lot of rain every day. In early May we begin to see a tinge of blue sky, but the blue was not intense enough. It was in this mid-May that I spotted the crispy blue which I could not resist shooting a series on Tiong Bahru Blue. I am loving the blue and how much wonder it could bring to the composition. My mind is working hard to see how I could bring the inside of the interiors and integrate it with the outside blue. In my mind scape I have begun to conjure that pictorial landscape. I will paint with the digital camera and the digital application! Experimentation and merging digital camera and creativity is my preoccupation. One never gets bored when the mind is always curious, investigating and experimenting. Most of all getting the feedback and support from friends and fans are very encouraging. THANKS ALL. 
A series of photos of Tiong Bahru in Saturated Blue.The Monograph and postcard will be available at Orange Thimble and One Olive soon. Watch out for the launch.For prints please email it takes 1-2 weeks 
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All rights reserved for the Photographs published here, for use please seek permission from