Monday, October 17, 2011

Street Photography - Wide angle

I love to photograph the street with a wide angle lens because of the sharp perspective. It gives immense dynamism and energy to the image, be it people or buildings. It is superb at absorbing the whole scene at very close distance. It intrudes into the space of the subject and forces one to momentarily interact with the subject. My first wide angle, which I traded with the 600mm Sigma, was miracle; every shot is popping out from the picture plane. The closer I get the faster my heart beats. The image gripped me and pounced on me. I would go low on the ground, place it near to foreground object and watch them diminished into the horizon. It is especially intriguing when there are lines or columns with regular intervals in the composition.

I love the setting sun creating a long shadow on the passersby. The back lighting give a subtle differentiation between the subject and the back ground. The clashing of the two central human figure, metaphorically points to the collision of separate cultures, between the dominant and the subservient, a sort of struggle towards the surface in order to gain respect and equality.

I love to shoot manual and give my photographs a little over-exposure. Focusing is usually manual and pre-focus before I raise the camera to my eye and snap. In this case, he was really fast and warned me against photographing their business transaction. My six sense told me to get out of the way fast and I did. I heard some voices saying, ' You cannot take picture'. By the end of his utterance I was already a few meters a way before he could take further action. One thing I always remind myself is that no one could take away my camera and that would be robbery. There is no rule saying taking photograph is illegal in public area and no one have the right to remove my belonging from me against my will. However, get away fast is the best solution rather than getting entangled with the situation, anyway I already got the photograph.


He was having such long conversation, ignoring the passersby, staring and insisting a point to the younger man. The younger man was perhaps apologetic with his right hands on his chest. I was glad to have captured his piercing eyes.

I had so much respect for her watching the way she cared for her baby brother. She was proud of him and fondly huddled the boy when he cried. He still look distressed after much huddling. I signaled to her for a photograph and she gladly accepted and posed for me, while an elderly lady excused herself from the photograph. From her I learned that child can help too if we allowed them to contribute.

He was deep in thought. It is a great chance for me to photograph him. I focused, waited for chances. In the background I saw two mans walking on the road towards me. I watched and clicked at the moment when his attention was directed towards the opposite side of the road with his waging finger while the man on the right was still motionless in deep thought.

He was so excited about getting his picture shot with the Little India glitters. He was alone and the only way to do that was requesting the help of other passersby. One kind soul help him and I thought I could help him to take one photograph, with that he would oblige if I take another with my camera. Sure he obliged. That is a way to get willing poser. I spent a little time waiting for an interesting supporting actor to walk into the scene. Voila, I was in luck and this gentleman appeared in my view finder to complete the photograph.