Portraits of Arthropod


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Through the silent observation of the natural world and with the belief that all living things are members of this home we call ‘earth’, the arthropods are treated as subjects with respect, care and understanding. They are treated as another fellow human being, rendered in their, sometimes colourful, at times monotonous and dull, natural environment. Being true to the spirit of being natural, the photographing process did not employ artificial lighting, as in fill-in flash, setting up of their habitat nor putting them in captivity. The photographing process tends to be less intrusive, but observatory. Moreover they are neither treated as specimens nor photographed in great depth of field, but they are treated as a live model, explored in different angles, given focus on selected areas of their beauty. By diminishing the photographer’s presence, all attentions were centred at making the minute large, in so doing, perhaps wish that the audience can gain interest and better appreciation of their world.

I hunt for the Arthropod armed with a 100mm Macro lens, the Canon 350D and the Monopod. I have to keep myself light and agile in order to track down the Arthropod and lessen the body load I carry. I find that it allows me to concentrate on the subjects better. Water is needed for the numerous trip too.

All the photographs are shot in Singapore and a few in Malaysia.

I am willing to answer question and queries on shooting Insect and Arthropod you can write to choomengfoo@gmail.com

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Portrait of Arthropod
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